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Each year, people in the United States lose over 637,000 laptops.
80% Return rate on all your lost valuables with RewardID. 
It can cost you as much as thousands to replace 1 laptop. 



Our RewardID labels are designed to provide you with the ultimate in personal protection for your belongings. These labels are waterproof, easy-to-apply, perfect size 1.5 x .375 and best of all, they are reasonably priced to meet all of your personal protection needs.


Installing RewardID on your is easy. Simply place the heavy-duty adhesive label on a clean and dry area of the device. Flat surfaces work best. Activate your unique code at and feel secure knowing your personal belonging is protected with RewardID.


RewardID will ship within 24 hours of receiving the order. We offer both Priority and Standard shipping options through USPS. Shipping costs vary depending on destination.