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What is RewardID? What is a RewardID label? Can’t I just write my name and contact information on my own label? What items should be protected with a RewardID label? Does RewardID offer any special pricing for businesses?

Personal Profile

Is having a personal message really that important? Can I control what information is made available to the finder of my device?

Purchase and Activation

Where can I get a RewardID? How much does a RewardID label cost? I just received my RewardID in the mail. How can I activate it? What happens if I sell the device or item with the RewardID?

Return and Reward Process

I’ve lost my device. Now what happens? Can I change the promised reward for each of my labels? Do RewardID labels work internationally?

Reward ID Labels

What is a RewardID label? How should I apply the label? Are RewardID labels reusable? Can I order several labels with the same ID number? How big is a RewardID label?