launches new website!

May 30th, 2013

RewardID Launches Website, Lands Contract with Law Firm

Dean Rabbani

California – RewardID has launched its brand new website to sell RewardID labels in the U.S. and internationally. Every day, transit authorities in the world's biggest cities retrieve over 200 lost items. RewardID provides customizable labels that adhere to valuable items. When someone finds a lost item, they'll have access to the owner's contact information, personal message and reward offer. RewardID greatly improves the chances of getting lost items back, making it a much needed asset recovery system.

RewardID labels include a unique ID number which connects to the owner's online profile. When someone finds a lost item, they can plug the ID number into our database to access the owner's contact information. The owner can also include a personal message to the finder, explaining why their item is of high importance, along with a reward offer for the return of the item. Consumers can try out the product by printing a free RewardID label from their home computer at

People underestimate the importance of having some type of security measure connected to their cell phones, cameras and computers. Writing your name in marker on your item isn't nearly enough protection. Your most valuable electronics contain irreplaceable photos, important contact information and private files. For the low price of $4.95, you can order one RewardID label; for $9.95 you can order three; five cost just $14.99; and ten cost $19.95. No matter how many labels you require, the service is such a small price to pay for what you're getting in return. Purchase our labels before it's too late from

RewardID's latest contract is with a California-based law firm. RewardID labels will go on the laptops, smartphones, IPads, IPods and e-readers of 200 employees. As much as 56% of the population misplaces their cell phones each month. Every week, 12,000 laptops are lost in U.S. Airports and businesses can spend over a billion dollars replacing lost items.

RewardID is eliminating the need for insurance on valuable items by giving individual belongings their own identity.

The importance of labeling your products

May 29th, 2013

If you’re like just about anyone in today’s business world, you know how important it is to stay connected. Whether you’re using a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, or any of the new hybrid devices currently showing up in the marketplace, you know that those devices are vital to being able to conduct your business effectively.

At the same time, those devices have also greatly made our personal lives easier. We’re able to stay in touch with friends and family better than ever before. Simply press a button and within a minute or two, you’re connected in a way that was previously not possible.

Now, what if you lost those devices?

That moment of panic that some people experience just by thinking about not being connected is why it’s vital to make sure whoever finds your device can get in touch with you. If you lose your smartphone, it’s possible that you’ve got safeguards in place that prevent strangers from accessing private data. However, those same safeguards that protect your information prevent anyone from knowing how to reach the owner of the smartphone.

However, with a RewardID label on your device, anyone who finds your phone or tablet or laptop is given the information needed to get in touch with you, quickly and easily. By inputting your unique 7-digit RewardID number into the system, they’ll be given access to your contact information, as well as a personal message from you. You can also put a reward amount into the system, increasing the likelihood of getting your items back.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re not one of those people who is going to lose his or her smartphone or tablet. Sometimes, we get distracted by outside events and we leave something behind – only to discover, later on, that someone must have found our item.

If you’re using RewardID, all you need to do is wait for whoever found your device to contact you and arrange to get your device back.

The new way to protect your valuables: a secure, trackable ID tag.

May 29th, 2013

We live in a world where we need to stay connected more than ever before. We conduct business in line at restaurants, on the train or subway, in our living rooms, and just about any other place imaginable. The price to staying connected means that we’re relying upon our mobile devices more than ever before.
This means that our devices are worth more to us than ever before.
We can’t do without those devices, which is why we need to protect them. After all, if we accidentally leave our smartphone behind at a restaurant or bar, there’s a good chance that whoever finds it won’t be able to access any personal information that we’ve locked away behind a password log in screen on our device. So, how can they possibly find us?
Simple – using a secure, trackable ID tag that has contact information on it.
Companies such as RewardID have seen the future – and that future comes in the form of making sure that anyone who finds a mobile device has a way of contacting the owner. These new trackable ID tags allow anyone finding a device to simply dial a number, retrieve contact information, and proceed from there.
In order to help make sure that whoever finds the device understands how important it is, the owner can usually record some sort of personal message. This personal message can emphasize whatever it is about the item that is so important.
For example, you might have a lot of business contact information on your device. Let whoever finds it know how important that information is to you. You can also explain that there are family digital photos on the device that are irreplaceable and you simply would be lost without them.
Naturally, you can also make sure that whoever finds the device knows there is a reward available.
For only a fraction of the cost associated with paying for smartphone insurance, you can have RewardID labels on your most valuable items. While smartphone insurance pays for the cost of replacing your device, it doesn’t have much of an effect when it comes to getting a lost smartphone back into your hands.
As more and more of us put our lives onto our mobile devices, we need to know that we can get those devices back when they are lost. By using trackable ID tags on all of your important devices, you’ll increase the odds of whoever finds those devices returning them to you.

why should you protect your smartphone, laptop or other valuable?

May 29th, 2013

More people than ever before are living in a world where they are hyper-connected. Whether they’re using their smartphones or tablets or laptops or other mobile devices, it’s important that they have some way of protecting those devices and having a way to retrieve them in the event they are lost or stolen.
That’s where companies such as RewardID come in. Offering trackable ID labels for virtually any device, you can rest assured that whoever has your device also has a way of getting in touch with you.
For example, while many people have smartphones and even use special passcodes to access their devices, it’s important to remember those same tools that are designed to keep out unwanted users will also make it impossible for anyone who wants to get in touch with you from reaching you, in the event that your smartphone is found.
However, having a RewardID label (or similar contact label) on your device gives anyone who finds your device the opportunity of contacting you. There’s a special 7-digit number on the label that allows the one who finds the device to contact the company, which then connects the individual with the owner of the device, including providing contact information, passing along a personal message, and even revealing reward data.
You might wonder whether or not a thief is going to return a stolen smartphone or other mobile device, but if there is a reward being offered, the thief might choose to actually go for the reward, rather than attempt to pawn or sell the stolen item. This is especially true if your personal message reveals how much the information on that device means to you.
On the other hand, there are a lot of lost smartphones every year. People leave them behind in bars, lose them when they’re running to catch a train or bus, or just plain forget them in a doctor’s office or restaurant. When you have a way of others contacting you, you greatly increase the likelihood of having your device returned to you. Once again, making sure to include a personal message and mention a reward can mean the difference in whether or not you reach a call or text from the person who has found your device.
Your mobile devices are an important part of your life and that means that you’re going to want to do whatever it takes to ensure they get back to you if you’re ever separated. A little prevention before you lose the device can save you time and money in the long run.