How do you activate your new RewardID? It’s easy, simply enter the 7-digit number that’s recorded on the label. Once you do this, you’ll be on your way to establishing the identity for your item.


If you found a phone, laptop, camera or other lost item with a RewardID attached to it, its time to claim your reward. Track down its owner now and receive your money!

Want to buy a label or download a free label? Great idea – soon your valuables will be protected should they ever get lost. Labels are easy to setup and very affordable. 


Reward ID: ID Tags for Smartphones, Laptops, Cameras & much more. 

If you’re like most people, you have a smartphone, laptop, digital camera, sun glasses, mobile tablet device and much more. These devices have made our lives incredibly easier, and they also provide us hours of entertainment and social networking.

You’ve come to rely upon your devices a great deal. Now, imagine what would happen if you lost those devices.

According to data security software titan McAfee and the Ponemon Institute, over 100,000 smartphones are lost or stolen each year. Many of these smartphones are provided by employers in order to facilitate job-related tasks, and when those devices are lost or stolen, it can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time and information.

Just the thought of losing your devices is enough to make most people anxious. After all, you have important contact numbers, documents, priceless photos and videos, as well as a treasure trove of other information on your devices.

Luckily, there is a new and inexpensive solution that allows you to protect your devices and gain peace of mind – RewardID. We provide the best, most reliable ID tags for smartphones, laptops, cameras, sun glasses and keytag everywhere.

RewardID is simple to use and more effective than paying high premiums for lost phone insurance.

If you leave your portable device somewhere and it is found, there is a highly visible RewardID tracking label on the device with your contact information and photo or message that you want displayed. It also explains there is a reward if found. Using these ID tags for smartphones, laptops and cameras greatly increases the likelihood of having a lost or stolen device returned to you.

Whoever finds the device sees the RewardID, contacts you, and before you know it, your device is back in your possession. Best of all, this is done with a minimal amount of time and energy spent looking for your device.

RewardID – the best way to protect your valuables.